Indian Man Who Worshipped Trump as a God Dies of Broken Heart After President’s COVID Diagnosis

An Indian man who worshipped Donald Trump as his god died of a heart attack on Sunday, apparently grief-stricken by the U.S. president’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

A broken heart: Bussa Krishna, a 33-year-old resident of Telangana in India’s Janagaon district, “slipped into a depression” and stopped “eating properly” after hearing the news, his cousin B Vivek told the Indian Express.

  • “When we rushed him to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. The cause of death is a cardiac arrest,” Vivek said.

In a series of Facebook videos this month, Krishna openly wept as he Trump wished a speedy recovery for the president and first lady Melania Trump, who was also infected along with their son, Barron.

  • In one of the videos, posted on Oct. 4, Krishna’s sorrow turned to anger at China, where the coronavirus pandemic originated.
  • “I hate you China,” reads the caption to the post, which shows him appearing to crumple an image of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Krishna died a day before Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was treated for COVID-19 over about 72 hours.

  • The president on Monday effectively declared victory over the coronavirus, tweeting, “Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

A devoted disciple: After Trump appeared to him in a dream four years ago, Krishna began praying to a framed photograph of the president, according to news reports.

  • Krishna, who lives alone, eventually plastered his home with images of Trump; he also began wearing shirts bearing the president’s name carrying a framed photo of him wherever he went.
  • Last year, Krishna, erected a life-size statue of Trump in his yard and worshipped before it daily despite the disapproval of his extended family.
  • “My love for him has transformed into reverence. That has given me immense happiness. Hence instead of praying to other gods, I started praying to him,” Krishna told Reuters in February, ahead of Trump’s state visit to India.

Venkat Goud, a “sarpanch,” or elected leader, of Krishna’s native Konne, told the Indian Express the Trump admirer’s death has saddened the village.

  • “Usually, we see people build temples for their Gods. Some people turn ardent followers of regional and national leaders. For the first time, someone had built a temple for an international leader like Trump. Krishna made us all proud and we were all hoping that his dream of meeting Trump came true someday,” Goud said.
Source: Webfluencr