Ted Cruz’s Surprising New Haircut Is Setting the Internet on Fire

Sen. Ted Cruz stepped out with a fresh haircut on Friday, and the bold new look quickly became an internet sensation.

Spotted: Cruz, a Texas Republican, was seen sporting the mullet-like do as he left a meeting with President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers in the U.S. Capitol.

The reaction: Cruz’s haircut sparked a flurry of reactions from news outlets, social media commenters, and even garnered a mention on “Weekend Update,” “Saturday Night Live’s” news parody segment.

“Weekend Update” host Colin Jost said Cruz’s hairstyle made him look like “he’s selling fireworks out of the back of an El Camino.”

Some Twitter users likened Cruz to Kenny Powers, the fictional protagonist of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down.”

Others mocked the Texas Republican as a bumpkin.

And some commenters went even further:

Many of Cruz’s critics couldn’t help but politicize the issue:

But some of Cruz’s detractors offered begrudging praise for his audacious style choice.

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