Trump Media Group: The Multi-Billion Dollar Company That Could Have Rivaled the Entire Liberal Media

Former President Donald Trump was reportedly presented with the opportunity to lead “a conservative media powerhouse” that would have aimed to challenge the hegemony of “Big Tech,” as well as the mainstream media ecosystem.

The pitch: The proposed company, Trump Media Group, was forecast to have a $15 billion base case valuation, Axios reported.

  • Trump would lead the company as CEO, chairman and president over the three divisions — Trump+, a streaming platform, Trump Technologies, a competitor for Amazon Web Services and Stripe, and Trump Social Media.
  • The 24-page pitch deck proposed taking the company public via SPAC, a type of shell company used to raise capital through IPOs.
  • But the pitch apparently failed to interest the former president.

Context: Trump’s future plans have inspired avid speculation from allies and enemies alike.

Source: Webfluencr
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